Welcome to EventNinja

EventNinja is the number one application if you need to get an overview of all kinds of events all over the world. It will be released soon for iPhone, Blackberry, Android and W3C compatible widgets.

We are currently waiting for appstore approval, please hold on a bit longer

If you can't wait and want to test EventNinja in your browser, click on the button below if you have an iPhone or an Android driven phone

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iPhone/Android (beta)

If you already have questions, please send an email to eventninja _ at _

See EventNinja live

We will be presenting EventNinja at the upcoming OverTheAir in London, September 25th and 26th. Feel free to drop by and see EventNinja in action

Do you have Events?

Please send us all your WebDeveloper events and we will make sure they will make it on the WebDeveloper EventNinja application.

Want your own EventNinja?

Do you like the EventNinja? If you are interested in customizing the application or feeding it with entirely your own data, don't hesitate to contact us at eventninja _ at _

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